With the anticipation of my 50th birthday in October 2020, I have decided to give gifts of art to 50 friends and family.  I chose to make them clocks, one a week for 50 weeks in the year leading up to my 50th, to represent the time we have spent together and to show them my love and appreciation for that time.

I’ve made 17 so far, some I have created with a person in mind, some are just wild creations from my brain.  I have drawn numerous clock designs in my sketchbook, some have come to fruition and others are waiting to become real.

I’m finding out that I don’t have any other time to create anything else and I am OK with that process.  Maybe it’s taking a break from the rigors of being an artist which includes marketing and selling.  Creating pieces to be gifted away challenges me and fulfills me….for now!

To watch the progress of my clock project and a few videos, follow my Instagram account, @blacksmithervic.