The American Flag

American Flag 17" x 12" American Flag with America, 17" x 12"                         With anticipation of the USA vs Germany world cup game tomorrow AND 4th of July right around

Breastplate for a Granddaughter!

The strength of Steel in a breastplate. I recently sold one of my favorite pieces, the Breastplate, to a customer who bought it for her granddaughter.  The grandmother thought her granddaughter needed something that symbolized strength and something that had a classy girly

Lucky Bird’s Nest

Summer is finally here and I’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside in the great outdoors. I’ve discovered a new bird’s nest on the outside of the shop and this inspired the research of superstitions and folklore’s about bird’s nests.  Without going into

Mother’s Day Roses

Mother’s Day is next weekend and I found myself inspired to make long stemmed roses this weekend.  I start with a 22 inch long round mild steel rod for the stem, I taper the top of the stem (hammer to a point) so I can

Necklace Photos

I am compelled to give a “shout out” to Anax Studios (www.anaxstudios.com) for a fine job of photography.  I hired them to make professional photos of  my new necklaces and they did a great job within a super quick timeline!  You can find the necklaces