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A Permanent Installation in the City of Lafayette

I started making 8ft tall Steel Catrina Ladies in 2013 because of the story behind them, you can Goggle Jose Guadalupe Posada to learn more. But the main "jist" of the story/message is that you can be wealthy and wear the finest clothes with top of the line accessories, but you can still be "dead" inside and have no soul if you aren't careful of

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City of Lafayette Public Art Installation

I was accepted into the City of Lafayette's public art program called "Art on the Street".  This art program is the largest art on loan program in Boulder County.  Sixteen sculptures are selected for a period of one year to be on display and each sculpture is eligible for a People's Choice award.  My "Lady in Waiting" Catrina sculpture was one of the sixteen selected sculptures

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Holiday Buzz and Carmen Electrode

As the holidays are shaping up to be busy (as normal) making commissioned Christmas presents, deciding on presents for the family and going to festive holiday parties, I don't forget to take moments of time everyday to be thankful and grateful for life as an artist.  A big thank you to Jennifer Simpson, the editor of the Carmen Electrode blog for spotlighting me this week,

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Lady Catrina has a new home! (for a year)

Last weekend I installed Lady Catrina in front of the Broomfield Fire Department Headquarters, Broomfield, Colorado. The City of Broomfield submitted a sculpture request on Café (Call for Entry, an online National system for art entries) in July 2014.  The request was for an outdoor sculpture to be submitted into their "Art for Awhile" program, on loan, for one year.  This gives the artist public

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The Evergreen Art Open for Colorado Artists

I have been working hard on building a body of work call "The Maid of Steel Collection" that includes ladies armored breastplates.  The breastplates are a symbol of feminine strength, an example of mettle while being beautiful at the same time.  I submitted one of the breastplates into juried all Colorado art exhibition.... it was accepted along with my "Gatekeeper Steel Heel" and "Antepasado" a

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The American Flag

American Flag 17" x 12" American Flag with America, 17" x 12"                         With anticipation of the USA vs Germany world cup game tomorrow AND 4th of July right around the corner...I made some American flags for some good juju!!!  They will soon be available in the online store!

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Breastplate for a Granddaughter!

The strength of Steel in a breastplate. I recently sold one of my favorite pieces, the Breastplate, to a customer who bought it for her granddaughter.  The grandmother thought her granddaughter needed something that symbolized strength and something that had a classy girly flair!  Yup, that's exactly what the Breastplate exudes.....  I was so happy to hear the "why" behind the purchase, it's

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Winner of the Artful Chef Competition!!!

Winner of the Artful Chef Competition…Team Mike Shethar and Victoria Ross Patti!!! We won with our Game of Thrones theme…four poster platter with food on spikes…..duck prosciutto and smoked melon hanging from a meat hook chandelier……a jeweled chalis….a sword and on-site copper foldformed napkin rings….I really had fun making all of the medieval accessories for the event this past week.

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Lucky Bird’s Nest

Summer is finally here and I’ve been spending quite a bit of time outside in the great outdoors. I’ve discovered a new bird’s nest on the outside of the shop and this inspired the research of superstitions and folklore’s about bird’s nests.  Without going into too much detail, I discovered that it’s good luck if you find a bird’s nest built on or near your

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Mother’s Day Roses

Mother’s Day is next weekend and I found myself inspired to make long stemmed roses this weekend.  I start with a 22 inch long round mild steel rod for the stem, I taper the top of the stem (hammer to a point) so I can set the five petals on top.  Each of the petals are textured by a straight pean hammer to replicate the

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